Springbank 21 Single Cask

Springbank 21 Single Cask.jpg

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for opening this up for a nice, wee tasting we had.

Springbank. If there are golden ages of whisky (and there are), then Springbank would have as many as Persia in your average game of Civilization 5 (it’s a lot). I’ve heard testimony from people that their older stuff is ambrosia from the gods.

Not to mention they currently have the oldest fermented malt, something which some whisky connoisseurs note as a sign of quality in their dram and a sign of lowering quality in current whiskies.

I mean, who else but a humble, amazing company would specifically change their labels to disco hell just to make sure the other distilleries don’t feel as bad. No one but Springbank.

But enough sucking their dick, because a) it’s not Sunday and b) I lost my lip gloss that is used as lube.

I’m fortunate enough to try Springbank…

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