Glen Moray SMWS 35.138 “Miss American Pie” & SMWS 35.142 “Sweet treats and forbidden pleasures”

Thanks to /u/boyd86 and /u/lasidar for these samples.

I’m very proud to be part of the whisky group, both the official one (The Toronto Whisky Society) and as the informal one (the drunk buggers who have accepting wives). Why? Because it’s not a big circlejerk.

Oh, there’s consensus. A lot of us are peat heads, for example. However there are also people who aren’t. Some of us like Bourbon; others not so much. Still others enjoy Jura, like me, and are shunned when it comes up.

This enables us to see things from multiple viewpoints. It opens up doors for us. No one gets shit for hating on things, and usually do for being overt fanboys.

Case in point, 1st fill toasted oak hogshead whiskies. And virgin butts (however that’s a joke for another day). Those are the extreme loves of one of our members. Such love he has for…

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