Springbank 9 Barolo Wood Finish & 12 Burgundy

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for the sample of the Gaja Barolo.

So I drink a nice Springbank, then I realize I have two more Springbank samples. And I want more Springbank. Because… Springbank.

But why review them together? Because both of them had some wine influence in them. So it makes sense to do one of those SBS that I hear about.

That makes sense, right? I usually do them separately so I can type more and more and more.

Back to the whisky. Springbank does Campbeltown whisky. Which is somewhat of an understatement, because barring one distillery, they have their hands in all of the Campbeltown whisky coming out. Add to that the long fermenting time, and you have interesting releases.

But why wine casks? Well because casks are hard to source, so it’s always a good idea to determine a new source. Also you can get interesting flavours. And…

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