Bulleit Bourbon 10

Bulleit 10 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for this sample.

So you may be wondering, like me, what’s up with life? But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to answer a different question.

Most of you have had Bulleit Bourbon. Or rather, you’ve had Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whisky. And maybe you’ve had the Indiana made Bulleit Rye. So, like me, when you first heard of Bulleit Bourbon 10, you thought it was just a relabeling.

Since we’re all ignorant and don’t like doing “stuff”, because we’re fucking lazy, we never looked it up. And yes I’m lumping you in with me, because if you didn’t do that, you did something different, and it’s eating up your soul.

So, we’re all fucked? Well ain’t that the beauty of being human. Greatness comes when we accept that and continue on. So I’m shitty, you’re shitty, we’re all shitty. Let’s get better.


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