Kavalan Port Cask Solist

kavalan port solist 2.jpeg

Thanks to /u/theslicknick6 for this sample.

I’ve had quite a few Kavalan whiskies. Sadly the one I liked the most is about as easy as finding an unopened beer at a teen’s party at 2am. But enough has been written about Vinho Barrique.

Now my second favourite whisky was Concertmaster. Which I still think has a funny name. All the single casks are solist. A play on the word Soloist. One person singing, one cask going at it. Concertmaster, multiple casks. I get that.

But a Concertmaster sounds like someone in charge. He’s in charge of the concert. And anyone who’s worked in theater knows they are the ones in charge. Piss off the sound guy? You’re not being heard well. Piss off the Concertmaster? I don’t know, but it sounds like he just makes the stage eat you and then fights Batman.

Kavalan Port Cask Solist is the solo…

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