Caol Ila Reviews [1000th whisky network review/600th Scotch review]

Nearly 5 years ago I posted my first review on reddit, with the intent of starting to review whisky. I had just come back from visiting the UK for the first of three trips. On two more trips I would do 50 reviews in the UK to make up for the 0 on the first trip, as well as missing some rarer whiskies there.

I’ve since been around for the start of the World Whisky reviews, Bourbon coming into the fold, and now have become a founder of the Toronto Whisky Society.

Seems like a good start, is what I’m saying. I still have somethings to catch up on. There’s a few distilleries I still need to do.

However I’d be remiss if I didn’t share what I’ve learned about reviews of any kind up until this point:

  • State your biases: We all have them. It’s human. State them, and…

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