Do Good Distillery

I’d like to start by thanking Do Good for these free samples. They were gracious and nice enough to patiently wait until we could receive them in the US, and legally bringing it back so that multiple members of the Toronto Whisky Society could try 4 of their offerings.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A summary of our reviews will be posted on the site soon. For now, you have just little old me’s reviews. And everyone else who has posted so far.

Do Good Distillery is built upon the ideal of making unique, wonderful craft spirits. Their emphasis is on whisky. They use local ingredients as much as possible, and give back to their local community: Thus, to quote Ben Franklin (which is on all of their bottles), they “Do Well by Doing Good”.

The distillery is family owned. Jim Harrelson, one of the founders, was interested…

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