Wiser’s 18 Cask Strength

wisers 18 cs 2.jpeg

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample.

I have a little bit of a confession, as a Canadian whisky drinker. I prefer Wiser’s 18 over Wiser’s Legacy in blind taste tests. I’m a bad person. I’m an okay otter.

So when members of the TWS recently visited Wiser’s for a very special tour. Wiser’s were nice enough to give parting gifts, including samples of Wiser’s 18 Cask Strength.

At this time, this whisky is not going out to the public. There are no plans that I or other know of to bring out Wiser’s 18 Cask Strength to the public. We’ve heard that it’s not easy, due to a mountain of paperwork from the LCBO to even consider releasing something like this.

Not to mention there’s some other things to think about: For instance, is Wiser’s 18 strong enough to support a cask strength version? Do they make more money…

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