Ichiro’s Malt Triple Review (Malt & Grain, MWR – Mizunara Wood Reserve, Double Distilleries)

Being a good reviewer while not hurting new distilleries is a hard balancing act. One that I feel torn between.

I enjoy visiting new distilleries. I feel they are the ones who are trying new things. However unless you’re one of the lucky people out there who understand how Kilchoman does that crazy thing they do with young drams, it’s not going to be that complex.

This brings me to Chichibu, but not in a review sense. Chichibu is run by Japanese distiller Ichiro Akuto, the grandson of the man who setup Hanyu whisky. Hanyu is to Japanese whisky what Brora and Port Ellen is to Scotch.

Ichiro has slowly been starting Chichibu, all while bottling rare Hanyu whisky.

So why isn’t this called Hanyu or Chichibu? Well because it’s blends of Hanyu and Chichibu, While the amount of each in these is unknown, compared to the price of the…

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