Springbank 11 Local Barley

springbank 11 local barley.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a sample of this one!

Terroir is a joke told by a silly man. We know many distilleries that use the same river, and they didn’t taste the exact same.

The reason, is of course, they use different barrels, different methods, different mashbills, and finally, different barley.

However, what if someone used a different, local barley, and did everything the same. Then we’d be able to figure out that part of their particular terroir, right? Or rather, how much the barley affects the final malt. Worse case scenario we end up with a cask strength Springbank, so no harm, no foul.

And thus we have the Local Barley releases from Springbank, or rather, today I’ll be reviewing Springbank 11 Local Barley, the most recent release of the Local Barley range. This specifical one is made with Bere barley from Aros farm, was matured in…

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