Victorian Caledonian Blended Malts

Recently the Toronto Whisky Society was privileged enough to be visited by Victoria Caledonian Brewery and Distillery. They are a newer brewery and distillery who have been making beer and whisky for quite awhile.

However this isn’t your average brand new distillery in Canada. The master distiller, Mike Nicolson, spent 36 years making Scotch for Diageo. They used the services of the late Dr. Swan to help pick casks.

They are currently aiming to release their own single malt in 2019. In the mean time, they bring out beers (which I can’t talk about as I haven’t had them yet) and host guest whiskies that Mike himself made.

Thus they vat two single malts together for 3 of them, which they call The Macaloney’s Heritage Vatting & Twa Cask. Twa comes from a poem called Twa Dogs, which the brewery is named after.

All Vatted/blended malts in this…

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