Glen Grant SMWS 9.88 “A heart-starter”

smws 9.88 2.jpeg

I recently had the chance to try a sample of the upcoming Toronto Whisky Society bottling. More on that in the future. Far into the future. Unless you ask or are part of it, then you’ll find out.

But first we needed something to open up our tastebuds. And as an excellent hose, Igor, who is part owner of Heads & Tails, asked us what we typically use.

And we, being the young, impressional, foolish guests… stumbled. Went silent. Not because we couldn’t pick out. But because we didn’t want to give a bad answer. Because as millennials, we’re incapable of handling any social interaction that could be difficult without first freaking out and making it a bigger deal than farting in church.

Finally I stammered “Uh… young Speysides, typically. Anything 12 years old. Like a Glenfiddich or Glenlivet, you know?”

“Hmm… may not have anything like that. Let me…

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