Ardbeg 10 Portwood

Ardbeg 10 Portwood.jpg

Thanks to /u/oliviervdv for both making this (yes, making it) and sending me a sample!

Before you get too worried, start looking through all the potential whiskies, and start breaking down Glenmorangie’s door, no, Ardbeg 10 Portwood is not on the market at the moment. It was made by oliviervdv, in his… house, I’m assuming. Totally not a shack in the wilds of Quebec, with John A. McDonald’s random scratches still in the walls.

So, how was this made? Well he filled a new 1l cask with Cruz Reserve Ruby port for 1 month. Then he dumped the port, and filled the now seasoned and empty cask with 1 bottle of Ardbeg 10. It stayed there for 1 week. And to ensure quality, he tasted it every day starting from day 4.

I’m assuming it was for quality. Maybe he was just drinking to drink. Maybe it was the only…

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