Wiser’s Dissertation

wisers dissertation 1.jpg

I’d like to thank Wiser’s for the sample of this whisky.

Wiser’s Dissertation is a new LCBO exclusive offering from Wiser’s. Recently there have been quite a few of these, and they’ve been quite nice to a group I am part of, the Toronto Whisky Society.

That said, as you can see, I have not always given them amazing reviews. I did enjoy the last 2 offerings, which are the Union 52 and the Last Barrels. I felt they were steps in the right direction for Canadian whisky.

But enough defending myself from strawmen. We’re here to review a whisky.

Why is this called dissertation? And why have so many Ph.D. students had a breakdown just reading it? Well let me explain.

Dr. Don Livermore is the Master Blender for J.P. Wiser’s. He is one of two Master Blenders in the word with a Ph.D in the craft. I could…

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