Ardbeg SMWS 33.134 “Peat roasted pig Hawaiian style” & SMWS 33.143 “Thank you and goodnight!”

I’ve been here before. I just didn’t realize it when I bought the bottles.

There I was, in a black and white office, sitting back, doing what we all do at work: Try and work while talking with friends. The announcement woke me from a sound half sleep that only work could provide, knocking me from the zombie-like stare.

It entered my mind with a crash. And what a butt on it. Massive butt. An SMWS, with the word on the street being from one of my favourite distilleries, Ardbeg.

And then her sister walked up. I was in all sorts of trouble, the kind of trouble you smile through and hate yourself when it’s over.

If you walked into a distillery tomorrow, and the distiller walked you up to two casks, with juice made in them on the same day, from the same batch, and each cask they were…

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