Celtic Cask 2000 – Sé Déag 16

Celtic Se Deag 16.jpgThe Celtic whiskey shop. For those of you who are following along on this mish-mash of Dublin whiskey tours, I went to the Celtic whiskey shop before going to the Dingle Whiskey Bar.

While shopping in a foreign nation, I have my questions down to a science: I ask if they have any store specific bottlings, any single casks, and any store specific bottlings. I then give them a price range, snap my fingers, and put my nose up. As is expected of me.

So while at the Celtic whiskey shop, I discovered a range that is specific to them called the Celtic Cask Series. They pick a cask from an Irish distiller and then add them to a cask from either a European bodegas or wine house.

Thus I see these, and they are out of my price range. Because I’m cheap. Unless it’s about food, then…

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