Jameson Distillery Edition

Jamieson Distillery Edition 2.jpg

So I’m at Jameson. Not the actual distillery, the old distillery, in Dublin. We unfortunately did not have the time to visit the proper distillery. Next time I’m in Ireland.

However this time I took the tour. That’s a different write up for a different day. At the end, I discovered there were two “location” exclusives that you could buy: One was Jameson Black Barrel Cask Strength, and the other was Jameson Distillery Edition.

One of these were available at the bar, the other was not. As I’m on a budget and limited by customs to a certain amount of whiskey, I had to pass on buying a bottle of the Black Barrel blind. So I tried the Distillery Edition at the bar.

From what I can tell, this is the standard Jameson Irish Whiskey, however it has more of the single malt in it than normal. It replaces…

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