Midleton Method and Madness Trio (Single Malt, Single Pot Still, Single Grain)

method and madness.jpg

So I’m in Temple Bar. Why am I there? Well first I should explain what Temple Bar is.

You see, in Dublin, the Temple Bar district was the poor warehouse district. So what happened? The same thing that happens all the time. The Bohemians, or Hipsters, move in, and start making it a fun place. Anyone who has ever lived in a large city for long enough sees it happen. And anyone who has ever partied with artistic types know that’s a fun time. And you’ll end up doing butt stuff.

What does this have to do with whiskey? Nothing yet.

So Temple Bar starts doing well. People start pubs and bars there. And it becomes a tourist area. So why would I go there? Well there was a specific bar there, called the Norseman, that had a nice amount of whiskey there. Unfortunately there aren’t any glencairns though, as…

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