Bushmills 21

Bushmills 21 2.jpg

So I’m back, on a different day, at a different place. I may or may not have been bouncing around Dublin and we may be hungry and my wife may be hitting “needs a gin and tonic” o’clock.

It was time to try a different whiskey bar. One that had food this time. And according to them, over 100 whiskies.

But remember what I said before: They can brag about over 100 whiskies, and then… not be ready for whiskey nerds.

Yeah, no glencairns, no brandy snifters, and no champagne flutes. Disappointing.gif.

Nice meat and cheese platter though.

After ensuring that I drank an espresso and a lot of water to clear my palette, I ordered Bushmills 21. I’ve been waiting to have this one for quite awhile. So much I didn’t mind overpaying for it (okay, I minded a little bit, but I’m cheap).

This isn’t the easiest…

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