Writers Tears Red Head

Writers Tears Red Head 2.jpg

So I’m back at the Dingle Whiskey Bar. Of course I am. They have whiskey I want to drink. I’m here.

Well, I was there. At the time of writing the review. But not this. Or that. I’m still somewhere.

Let’s start over: I exist. That I know for certain. At least I know my mind exists.

Wait, I might be putting Descartes before the horse. The horse, in this case, being Writers Tears Red Head.

I know what you’re thinking: Why did I hunt this one down? I mean, sure, I love Writers Tears Copper Pot. But isn’t this just that, but with Oloroso sherry casks?

That’s what I actually thought it was. And wow, as usual, I was wrong. You see, Writers Tears Copper Pot is made up of Single Pot whiskey and Single Malt (no grain). And Writers Tears Red Head is just the Single…

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