Teeling 5 part review

Teeling 5 part review.jpg

Thanks to /u/cantbelieveyoureddit for being a great bartender.

For awhile now I’ve been slowly collecting Teeling whiskies to eventually do a multi review. I have a decent amount of them.

When planning for the trip, I had looked around at a lot of “Internet v.1.0” websites that directed me towards various whiskey bars in Dublin. The odd one mentioned Jameson Distillery, what with the new upgrades, and they also pointed me towards Guinness’ storehouse.

So when my wife started searching for things to do in Dublin, she was shocked and appalled that I had left out a visit to Teeling Distillery. We quickly amended that and ended up there for a tour.

I’ll discuss the tour at a later date, as well as a basic overview of the distillery. Given they only started in 2015, it’s fair to say they’re transitioning from sourcing whiskey to producing their own, however they…

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