Jameson 12 Special Reserve

Jameson 12 2.jpg

So I’m talking to a guy at a bar. Doesn’t matter where or when, stay with me here.

Well, yeah, I was in Dublin. I guess that counts.

So I’m talking to this guy at a bar in Dublin, and he mentions how he misses being able to purchase Jameson 12 Special Reserve now, as it’s not a limited edition, and thus the price has increased.

So I get to thinking, “Hey, isn’t that on my list to try”, and my wife says “Yeah, and you should probably make these thoughts to yourself like a normal person, especially when we’re in public.”

Jameson 12 Special Reserve used to be known as 1780, as that was the year Jameson was founded. It’s a blend, triple distilled, and from what I understand from the gentleman talking to me, used as a starter for a lot of other Jameson products that are quite…

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