Glen Garioch 15: The Renaissance – Chapter I

Glen Garioch 15 Renaissance Chapter 1 2.jpg

Ended up at an old pub that was re-built after having burnt down in 1916 during the ill-fated rebellion on the green. In Dublin, as opposed to the green rebellions that may have happened elsewhere that year.

And while I’ve been sticking to Irish whiskey, because, well… duh, I’m in Ireland. However I saw a bottle that I’d never seen before.

(Also they didn’t have the original whiskey I asked for)

Glen Garioch 15: The Renaissance – Chapter I is the first in a four part series from Glen Garioch. And you may be asking “Are they fans of the enlightenment and it’s various teachings that helped shape the world into the wonderful place it is today”? And I’d say… well, no. Different Renaissance.

You see, in 1997 Glen Garioch “reawakened” their distillery. As in they closed down and made some serious changes. Prior to that they used smoked barley…

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