Dunville’s Very Rare 10

Dunvilles 10 1.jpeg

I’m at The Palace Bar. Why did it take me so long to show up here? Geez, I’m bad at this vacation thing.

You’d almost think I’ve been on too few of them.

Oh well, first world problems. At the time of drinking this dram, I’m sitting in a Victorian pub that has every Midleton Rare year every made. The walls are high, and they have a whiskey expert at the front. Heck, this is the first place to have a port finished Irish whiskey, if they are to be believed.

So yeah, why haven’t I been here before? Oh well, time to get down to it. The wife has gin, I’m having whiskey (the selection of both are quite nice).

Up first, a recommendation from the bar whiskey guru, who was nice enough to hang out there on his day off and not tell me to go pound…

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