Teeling 14: The Revival Vol. 3

Teeling 14 Revival 2.jpg

Last review (from this trip) at Dingle Whiskey Bar. I’d go back if I could. Actually, if they want to fly me out, I’m down to do a bunch more reviews. Damn pesky ocean in the way.

As I said before, the Teeling: The Revival series was created in celebration of being the first distillery to have launched in Dublin proper in 125 years.

I decided that since I have Vol. 1 at home, and I’m probably not going to find Teeling 14: The Revival Vol. 3 in Canada, land of hating alcohol (well, my province at least) I better have it while I’m in the land of it’s making.

So what makes this different than others? Well, like the others, it’s aged a good amount of time (13 years or more), and then finished in some rare cask that makes you confused and wonder what it tastes. In…

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