Prizefight Whiskey

prizefight 2.jpeg

My wife was searching for an old Dublin snack that sadly isn’t around anymore, Monster Claws, the potato crisp you eat off your hands like some sort of monster, presumably.

We couldn’t find those, however we did find L. Mulligan Whiskey Shop. After going through their extensive (and fairly priced) whiskies, I noticed a whiskey by the name of Prizefight. I assumed it was American due to the boxing logo.

I was then corrected, noting it’s actually an Irish whiskey that has been aged for roughly 6 years in ex-rye casks. I asked if they had a sample, and was then directed up to The Palace Bar, which I had not yet walked into yet.

They luckily had Prizefight opened and ready to go, and I was happy to try it.

Fun when that turns out, right?

Prizefight is a collaboration between West Cork Distillers and Tamworth…

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