Midleton Single Pot Still Virgin Oak Cask 83785

Midleton SC 2000 1.jpeg

Still at The Palace Bar. Having my last dram before we go eat at a BBQ place that my wife and I would like to try.

Don’t worry, they have whiskey too. Just not as much. And I’ve decided that for my last couple whiskies in Ireland, I need to go big before I go home.

You know, that old saying that I didn’t just totally massacre.

So while talking to whiskey expert at the bar, I found out that they had a bottle of Midleton Single Pot Still Virgin Oak Cask 83785, which was an exclusive through the Celtic Whiskey Shop, and that The Palace Bar has the last bottle of (from what I could find).

Also, according to rumors, this was the favourite of the local brand ambassador from Midleton. Local in this case meaning Ireland, not my normal local, Canada.

Which is insane that…

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