Arranpocalypse (Part 1)

Arran Distillery Image.jpg

Funny story. Wait, not really. Funny. Maybe sad.

I’m fascinated by different casks. I’m intrigued by anyone who is trying new and different things in life. Why? Because while I may not always agree with the mentality behind a business/individual who does something different, I can tip my hat (if I wore one) to them for attempting something different.

Yes, sometimes the road less traveled isn’t because it’s dangerous or couldn’t be done before or is a horrible idea. This isn’t so much that situation.

So I like multi reviews. And I like besting my old “scores” quite a bit. In the past I’ve done multi reviews of over 10, with a BenRiach being about 12. I thought I’d beat it.

And then I went to far, amassing 32 Arran samples. I originally was told by some to attempt to do it as a gigantic multi-review. After reviewing 16 of…

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