Aberfeldy 16 A. D. Rattray

aberfeldy 16 a.d. rattray.jpeg

Thank you to /u/throzen for a sample of this.

Aberfeldy. The name makes you scratch your head, or at least, it does for me. You look at the bottles, and start to scratch your head. Are they hipsters? Or are they following the old ways?

Or do I give a shit? I mean, I’ve been thinking about it, and maybe I don’t care. Yeah, it’s annoying to meet someone who isn’t making something, and does nothing but describe themselves by what they consume. And then I realize that’s kinda me.

So I wonder, am I a horrible thing I hate? I mean… maybe? But I make these reviews. I write them. So I kinda am a hipster. And people like them.

Then I think further: There’s all these butchers, ice cream makers, and even the odd candlestick making blacksmiths that I shop at, that are making things, going back to…

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