Glenburgie Archives 1995

Glenburgie Archives 1996 2.png

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample.

As many of you have seen, there’s some holes in my posts. And by holes, I mean that I’ve done over 1117 reviews and some distilleries have slipped through.

I mean, I’m actually human, contrary to some of the popsicle stick body part rumours that are out there.

One of the many distilleries I’ve missed is Glenburgie. No, this wasn’t made up by a TV show, it’s not famous based on a Bob Saget dub, and no, it’s not one you may have heard of. Right now it’s the closest thing we get to hipsters in our hipster rich whisky group.

Feel dirty yet? Well you haven’t drank enough then.

Glenburgie started legal, official running under the name Klinflat (gesundheit) in 1829. There are rumours that they started two decades earlier, because (and I’m quoting here) “Fuck the Police”.

Since then, it was closed…

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