Dixon’s Batch 3 Lightly Aged Rye

Dixon Batch 3.jpg

I’d like to thank Dixon’s Distilled Spirits for sending a bottle of this to the Toronto Whisky Society.

Dixon’s is Guelph’s first craft distillery. Started by Jeremie and Vicky Dixon, each of them have formal training in white spirits from Chicago, and Jeremie studied brown spirit making down in Louisville. They also have one of the youngest distillers in Ontario currently working for them, Miranda Drexler.

Currently Dixon’s is working on Gin and Vodka, making a variety of products that frankly I’d make if I was a new distillery in the province of Ontario, which hates quality alcohol.

Currently Dixon is making Dixon’s Batch 3 Lightly Aged Rye, a bourbon style whisky that is rapidly aged in ex-bourbon barrels. It’s not yet aged to three years yet, however as I said in the last “white dog” review, this is about seeing what flavours they start out with.


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