Park Distillery Glacier Rye

Park Distillery Glacier Rye.jpg

I’d like to thank Park Distillery, Restaurant + Bar for sending a bottle of this to the Toronto Whisky Society.

But who is Park Distillery? For that we have to start where Park Distillery is. You see, Park Distillery is located in the most photographic thing before Justin Trudeau was elected: Banff, Alberta.

If you’ve never seen pictures, just look for Lake Louise. The entire area is beautiful. Oh, and expensive. Because it’s beautiful up there. The water glows blue, because it’s glacier water that carved out the area ages ago. It’s a national park, and not just that, it’s one that’s been defended quite a few times.

Park Distillery sources from one of these six glaciers that are still in the Rocky Mountains. They source their grain from Alberta farms in the foothills. They hand-mill, hand-mash, and hand-distill, though don’t expect them to do hand-jobs, they aren’t that…

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