Laird of Finitry Lot 4

Laird of Fintry Lot 4.jpg

Thank you to /u/Devoz for the samples of this one, and thank you to the Toronto Whisky Society for including this in the tasting (so that I may enjoy it).

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is Western Canada’s oldest craft distillery.

Wait a second. Before you get all excited, remember we’re talking about Canada. You know, the place that brought you “light whiskies because the market wants them”, “oops we poisoned people by saying we were Irish whiskey and making actual poison and selling it to Americans during prohibition”, and my favourite, the cantankerous tagnut that is the LCBO who believes charging extra for mid range alcohol stops alcoholism while pushing the market to shitty spirits… that actually cause alcoholism and punishes us..

So keeping my illustrious countries alcohol history in mind, Okanagan Spirits (who I should mention are doing a great job contrary to where they are located and my…

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