Last Mountain 100% Wheat Whisky Single Cask

Last Mountain 100 Wheat.jpg

I’d like to thank Last Mountain Distillery for sending these bottles to the Toronto Whisky Society.

Last Mountain Distillery is Saskatchewan’s first micro distillery. Started in 2010 by Colin and Meredith Schmidt, they found no unique Saskatchewan spirits. At all. As Colin is a Regina boy (that’s not a sexual term, it’s a place in Saskatchewan, where such a sexual comment is not allowed), he felt this needed to be remedied.

If you’re a hardcore hockey buff, his name will ring a bell: He had a short NHL career after being drafted by the Edmonton oilers. One of Colin’s friends had successfully opened one of the first micro distilleries in the US, and they encouraged the couple to drop their banking/finance professions and start up a micro distillery.

You know, because running something with a high rate of failure is less stressful than the banking/finance industry. And if you…

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