Highwood Distillers Ninety 5 & Ninety 20

I’d like to thank Highwood Distillers for sending these bottles to the Toronto Whisky Society.

For some people, Highwood Distillers will sound familiar, as I’ve reviewed some of their whiskies before. And if you’ve noticed, I haven’t been singing their praises. However I don’t think that’s their point.

Canadian whisky became popular because people, at one point, wanted lighter, smoother flavours. And the distillers that followed those paths became successful. And I’m some schmuck with a keyboard. They left behind the whisky geeks and went for the money. It happens, and it’s driven by the people. Can’t really blame them.

However we’ve been seeing a change in people’s whisky habits. They are growing again, with Scotch and bourbon growing more and more again. In walks Highwood Distillers, and they bring out some of their older stock.

Is it cask strength, first fill barrels, or anything like that? Not at…

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