Black Fox Single Barrel Wheat Whisky

Black Fox Wheat.jpg

I’d like to thank Black Fox Farm & Distillery for sending this bottles to the Toronto Whisky Society.

Black Fox Farm & Distillery is a farm in Saskatchewan that, from what I’m seeing, originally specialized in flowers. My knowledge of flowers goes so far as to be able to identify their colour, if the mix is pleasing to me, and the specifics of how some of the more popular ones smell. As such, I’ll let you decide if they are right for your flower needs.

In 2015 the farm was built with flowers as the first step in the business. The next step, for them, was building a distillery. I’d say that’s a tad odd, however I think back and want more distilleries to be built, so I’m fine if all the flower farms made distilleries. Thus instead I’ll say that’s normal and everyone should do that.

Thus they…

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