Wiser’s One Fifty

JP Wiser 150.jpg

I’d like to thank Wiser’s for sending this bottles to the Toronto Whisky Society.

Wiser’s One Fifty is a special bottling of Wiser’s. It was released for the 150th year of Canada being a country… ruled by European’s. Before that it goes for 10,000 some odd years, and even before that the fish had it.

But it’s 150 years of this country I call home being called that. We still need to fix things, however we’re doing alright for healthcare and living conditions, right?


Wiser’s Double Rye is a blend of corn and rye grain that has been aged in new oak since the year 2000. In total, there were 7,827 bottles made, and each one is unique.

Why that many? Because there’s been 7,827 weeks between July 1, 1867 and July 1, 2017.

Now if you want me to explain why parts of Canada had a giant…

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