Hazelburn CV

Hazelburn CV 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for this sample.

When I first started drinking different whiskies and reviewing them, I slowly heard about Campbeltown. To give an idea of how little most knew about it, when I took the Scotch Whisky Tour in Edinborough, the tasting didn’t include anything from the region.

Yes, the place with one of the largest collection of whiskies on the planet didn’t have anything from the region.

So I started looking around for them. One of the first bottles I purchased after I started reviewing was Springbank 10. And while I read more and more about them, I found out about the CV releases.

CV(Curriculum Vitae, Latin for “background”) editions are a blend of different ages made to introduce you to the whisky profile.

Hazelburn CV is meant to be just that. Springbank CV mixes different types of casks at different ages, Longrow CV followed this with idea…

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