Ledaig SMWS 42.22 “Brave the elements”

Ledaig SMWS 42.22 "Brave the elements" 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample

As part of an important meeting to discuss an upcoming whisky tasting event (super important) it came up that one of us had not reviewed many Ledaig offerings.

By the way, that’s pronounced “Le-check”, because Gaelic doesn’t give a fuck.

As such, we ‘had’ to go about the very important detail of reviewing some single cask offerings from Ledaig, starting with Ledaig SMWS 42.22 “Brave the elements”.

Ledaig is the heavily peated version of Tobermory. For some people, Tobermory by itself has a lovely rear end flavour that makes their day and fits their fetish.

For the rest of us poor buggers who haven’t found our fetish just yet, the extra peat is welcome.

So this is heavily peated, single cask, and 9 years old. Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Ledaig SMWS 42.22 "Brave the elements" 1.jpgPrice: Sold Out

Region: Island

Date Distilled: October 2006

Age: 9…

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