Ledaig SMWS 42.27 “Smoked, aged Riesling”

Ledaig SMWS 42.27 "Smoked, aged Riesling" 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample

Incase you missed my last post, recently I was at a meeting to discuss a whisky tasting event and ended up needing to try some Ledaig, which is pronounced Le-Check, because Gaelic, that’s why.

So last time we had a nine year old Ledaig that was distilled in October 2006. This time we have… a nine year old Ledaig that was distilled in October 2006.

Not really surprising, however why review both? They seem so similar that the main difference is a slight colour difference, 12 bottles of outturn, and .1% of alcohol.

However the names are different. Brave the Elements and this one, Ledaig SMWS 42.27 “Smoked, aged Riesling”would seem quite different. One I imagine a cold ass day in December in the part of Canada that actually gets cold, and this one… well I’m imaging one of my many trips to…

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