Ledaig 16 Old Particular Douglas Laing

Ledaig 16 Old Particular 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for sharing this sample.

We had a meeting. One of us hadn’t had Ledaig before. Once done all the important parts of the meeting, two people at the meeting broke out the whiskies. We reminded each other it’s pronounced Le-Check over and over as we drank more cask strength (and some not cask strength) whisky. There may have been giggling.

So we know about Ledaig now: It’s made by Tobermory, as their heavily peated malt.

But what about the other part of Ledaig 16 Old Particular Douglas Laing? Well Old Particular pops up every so often. This is the unique series of hand-selected Scotch. They follow some standards too. Anything aged 18 years or younger are bottled at 48.4%. Anything over that age? It’s either bottled at 51.5% or at cask strength, depending. Typically it’s the latter.

There are some times where I’ve agreed with the…

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