Three Douglas Laing Double Barrel Offerings

Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for two of these samples.

There are blends, blended malts, and vattings. Today we’re going to look at blended malts.

Douglas Laing has an entire division devoted to the idea of taking two different whiskies from different distilleries, blending them together, and making something new.

But not just two different whiskies. Two different single casks. All done for, and I’m quoting here, “a bit of a laugh”. They don’t add colour, chill filter or anything like that. Nor do they tell us the amount mixed of each one. It’s two barrels, blended together, and launched to see what happens, all while tittering to themselves.

So let’s see some of these offerings, shall we?

MacLaph 2.jpg

Up first we have Macallan & Laphroaig 9 Double Barrel Douglas Laing. I mean… there’s Laphroaig in there. Young Laphroaig at that. Versus a company that brings out a Scotch that isn’t know…

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