Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition MCMLXXXV

Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us.

Little bit worried about posting this one. It has a history, and I have a history of reviewing them before.

So back in the day, Bruichladdich had a revitalization. Their casks weren’t the best they could be, so they sourced a lot of wine casks to finish them in. However not all of the casks needed replacing. And some of the best casks were married together for a specific series called “DNA”.

Bruichladdich DNA 3rd Edition MCMLXXXV specifically is made up of ex-bourbon casks and the last of the best sherry butts.

So that’s a lot to remember and keep up with.

Me? Oh, I posted my last review of a DNA and was called out since a) It’s crazy and you won’t believe my review unless you have it and b) it’s the Internet and that’s what happens here.


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