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Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing this one with us.

Sweden. Land of… stuff. I think. There’s stuff there right…

Shite, better look up what they are known for…

Okay, that was a lot to read. However you’re not here to learn about Sweden. That’s what polandball is for. So instead I just CTRL-F for whisky, and only found something on a Russian Submarine, back in 1981.

I mean, Russia is different now, so that’s old news.

Great, I’m going to be thrown out of a window for a joke in a whisky review. Thanks Putin.

Getting back to the whisky at hand: Box Distillery. Not just a distillery that cries out for my particular childish humour when reviewing whisky, oh no. And the fact they are probably located on a hill I can’t find? Not relevant, or even true.

No, Box Distillery is located in the north of Sweden, which…

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