Springbank 8 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society

Springbank 8 Society.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us.

Springbank is now the leading distillery for fermentation time, with 110 hours. Most places do between 40 hours and 3 days, with some doing a few more than that. The result is evident in Springbank’s quality, and for that they should be praised.

The true reason I bring this up is I find young Springbanks have these nice, powerful flavours, like the legs of the women I hire to wrestle me in some vain attempt to get me up.

So when Springbank 8 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society showed up at the tasting, I was quite interested. When I heard it was quite sulfur forward, I was a tad worried. I’m not worried about sulfur per say, however my fellow tasters love the stuff quite a bit.

None the less, going in I was told nothing else save for the age and…

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