GlenDronach 30 1985 Single Cask

GlenDronach 30 1985 Cask 1037.jpg

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us.

So we’re near the end of the tasting, yet we have “phase 2” to go, if we want, and also a break. And DDs for each of us. So we took a break.

And after a decent hummus break, and then a process of clearing out our palettes, we decided we could do more. So xile_ opened another bottle, because he’s what they call “baller”. Or so I’ve been told. By the kids.

Speaking of things that are old, he pulled out GlenDronach 30 1985 Cask #1037. I’m behind on reviewing single cask GlenDronachs, thus this helps. Or maybe it doesn’t.

Let’s be honest, anyone brings out a 30 year old to share and you’re happy, regardless of where they are from.

Wait, that may be another party.

None the less, last GlenDronach single cask I had was the 43…

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