Bruichladdich The Laddie ‘Vertical’

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So the name Bruichladdich: Just some Gaelic, right? Well… not completely. And talking about the name helps with what we’re reviewing today.

Bruichladdich is short for Brudhach a Chladdaich. And frankly, as someone who isn’t always sober when he orders whisky, I’m quite glad it’s shortened down.

So, two words there: Brudhach and chladdich. Brudhach means either the steepness of a hill or brae, to a precipice. So it’s a cliff. Since Bruichladdich is on a steep bank, we have that.

Chladach means a stony beach. Or rather, a ‘lee shore’, a dangerous coast for sailing ships in a prevailing wind. Which describes Loch Indaal, located near Bruichladdich.

So in the end, this whole thing just is a warning that there’s a cliff and there’s a Lee Shore which you really should watch when you’re sailing near it in a…

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