Glenfarclas 15 Vimy Ridge

Glenfarclas 15 vimy ridge.jpeg

Thanks to my buddy John for sharing this dram with us.

In October 1914, a German army would take control of Vimy Ridge. This ridge gave them a ten kilometre view around it, naturally giving the German army an advantageous location to defend it.

During the next couple years, many lives were lost over this ridge. The French were able to capture it once, however unable to hold it. In all, approximately 150,000 casualties came from attempting to take back this ridge.

The British took over the sector in February 1916, however were not able to change the situation, losing many men in the process.

In October 1916, the Canadian Corps took over, and began planning.

What few people outside of Canada realize is that we were a very young country at this point. So much so, the four Canadian divisions had not fought together, even though the War to…

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