Craigellachie 23

craigellachie 23.jpeg

Thanks to my buddy John for bringing this dram.

Okay, so a few caveats on this review, as I feel I need to come back to this bottle after the fact.

This whisky was reviewed as part of my yearly spirit gathering up North with some close friends. This was drank 5th, and the last one I reviewed. I took a long time between drams, had pieces of bread to ensure my tongue was clear, and made sure to drink two glasses of water between each dram.

I only reviewed 3 whiskies from this tasting. However I’m not 100% about the below review. I took extra long on this whisky.

Also the bottle was just opened. I’ve asked a recent reviewer about oxidization and if it affects the taste after a long time, and he/she/ze/goat-er stated it did not.

Craigellachie 23 is one of four official bottling from Craigellachie, and…

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