Wayne Gretzky Whisky Hat Trick

Wayne Gretzky Triple.jpg

I recently visited Wayne Gretzky distillery of my own accord. Well, it was actually in a Mazda, but let’s not hurt that last sentence too much, I thought it sounded cool.

I wrote up all I learned and saw and what my wife took pictures of here. Feel free to read it or ignore.

That said, I prefer to separate the whisky from the operation in these cases. It allows for a separation of facts and feelings. You know, like the current North American political system.

Now that we’re all saddened by what I said, let’s get onto the whisky, shall we?

Wayne Gretzky Red Cask.jpeg

Up first we have Wayne Gretzky Red Cask. I’ve reviewed this flagship before. Made at the secret Grimsby location, this whisky was aged for 3 years in American oak (no word on ex-bourbon or virgin, sadly) and then finished in ex-Red wine casks. Specifically those red…

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